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Microsoft have announced a raft of enhancements coming to their Windows 10 operating system in the first part of 2017. As with the last feature updates, these will be released free to all Windows 10 users.

The most noticable of these changes will probably be smaller update files. Up until now, every time your machine updates, it downloads all changes that have ever been made to the thing that's being update. However, this enhancement will mean that only the changes since the last update will need to be downloaded. This should mean less time having to stare at the "Windows is configuring changes" screen for all users.

Another enhancement of note to some users is a big update to the venerable MS Paint application. This has remained largely the same for about 20 years now. The new update will change this, as "MS Paint 3D" will replace the aging app.

There's also a handful of other features, including the Edge browser being able to open EPUB book files. Also of note to more technical users is that the default command line interface (what appears when you run "cmd") is going to be changing from a DOS based shell to a Windows Powershell.