3aIT Blog

Prompted by the news that the latest version of Joomla will not run on the version of PHP that our hosting server is running, we have been busy testing a way of making the latest stable version of PHP available to our hosting clients, while not causing compatibility issues with older websites by performing a wholesale PHP version upgrade across the whole server.

We have now completed this testing phase, and are pleased to report that, within the next week, we will be able to offer our hosting clients the option to run their hosting account with PHP 5.5 if they wish, but also with the option to remain on the currently installed version (PHP 5.3).

For those clients that wish to use this new PHP version, first, log into your Plesk control panel. Towards the bottom of the "Websites and Domains" tab, under the dropdown, you should see "Website Scripting and Security". Click this and find the PHP Support tickbox. Change this so that PHP runs as a CGI Application, and then you should have PHP 5.5 available in the dropdown to select.

If you require assistance with this process, let us know.