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Windows 10 updateAfter weeks of speculation about when Microsoft will launch the "Spring" update to Windows 10, they retitled the name of the update to the "April" update, which seemed to provide a big hint about when it would be coming. A big last minute bug then threw this into doubt. However, the April update is now rolling out to machines across the world, therefore living up to its name by the skin of its teeth.

We've covered the larger features that this update will be introducing in previous blogs. Rather than listing these again, here's a link our blog about this update from a few weeks back:


Microsoft does offer tools to allow users to defer these updates for a limited time, which may be useful in some cases. We covered this in last month's HowTo:


As usual, Microsoft will drip-feed these updates to machines over the coming weeks rather than push it to all machines at once like they do with the monthly updates that get released on the second Tuesday of every month. It is also releasing with a new feature called "Delivery Optimisation" that is supposed to download the update much more efficiently - allowing other machines on a network to grab the files it needs from a machine that has already downloaded them.