HowTo: Set up an Out of Office message in Outlook and Office 365

This month’s HowTo outlines how to configure an automatic out of office message in both Outlook and Office 365. Note, both of these assume that you or your organisation is using either Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Office 365. These methods will not work otherwise.

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Another feature update to Windows 10 due soon

We’re now only a few weeks away from the launch of the next big Windows 10 update. This update is being called, somewhat confusingly, the “Creators” update. This is also what they called the last update in April. This is to draw attention to the fact that the new features are also targeted at content creators.

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Google offer Oreos to everyone (in theory)

Last week saw the launch of the 8th major version of Google’s Android operating system (codenamed “Oreo”). Android recently overtook Windows as the most popular operating system, so news of a new version should be a major event.

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Age verification on all online adult content to be introduced

The government has announced that they plan to require “verification” from users to prove that they are 18 every time they try and access adult content online. Those websites that don’t comply with this check will get blocked at internet service provider level so that no users can access it.

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“Office 365” to become “Microsoft 365”

Tech giant Microsoft have announced that they will be retiring the “Office 365” brand soon and will be replacing it with “Microsoft 365”.

For those unaware, Office 365 is basically a monthly subscription that enables ongoing access to the latest offline and web-based versions of the Microsoft Office suite –

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HowTo: Free up disk space on Windows 10, 8 + 7

This month’s HowTo explores an easy way to free up space on any device using Windows 7-10. The screenshots have been taken using Windows 10, but the process is the same on Windows 7 + 8



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HowTo: Add an Email signature in Outlook 2016

Here is a step-by-step guide that explains how to create a signature to automatically append to the footer of your emails using Outlook 2016. The process is largely identical in the other recent versions.


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New Product: VoIP Exchange – Cloud based phone system

VoIP ExchangeWe are pleased to be able to announce that, in conjunction with our partners at VoIP Unlimited, we are now able to offer their new “VoIP Exchange” solution.

In basic terms, this is a cloud based phone system that runs over IP (the internet).

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Another major ransomware outbreak hits machines worldwide

Reports have come flooding in from companies hit by a new strain of ransomware over the past few days. While the attack was concentrated in the Ukraine, it affected machines all over the world, including British advertising agency WPP.

Dubbed “NotPetya”,

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Playing Pol-IT-ics

As we gear up for another election next week, we thought it’s worth taking a look at what each of the main 3 parties are proposing from a digital standpoint. First here’s a list of policies from the respective manifestos:


  • For broadband customers,

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