Big Windows 10 update coming in the next few days

The next big Windows 10 update (dubbed the “Creators Update”) is due to launch on April 11th. It will be made available as an automatic compulsory update from that date.

Microsoft is still sticking to its promise that Windows 10 will be the “final”

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Exploding battery recycling factory explodes

You may remember that Samsung had to recall all of their Note 7 phones from consumers and withdraw it from sale last year when it transpired that the battery was prone to overheating. With the recall now complete, the phones were sent to a recycling factory in China.

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Jargon Busting: Abbreviations

This month’s jargon busting blog is slightly different. Rather than explaining a concept, we’re going to just list a series of abbreviations that are frequently used online along with their meanings. Of course, the nature of these things means that they evolve on an almost minute-by-minute basis,

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KMS! 99? Mean anything to you? If not, you’re not alone

According to research by BT released earlier in the month to promote Safer Internet Day, many adults are unaware of the meanings of the abbreviations and emojis that the younger generation are using online.

4,500 adults were surveyed in this poll,

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Jargon Busting: What is is something you may well have not even heard of yet. However, it will be an increasingly big thing in the UK over the next few years. So what is it?

In basic terms, is a method of using copper phone lines to greatly increase the speed of internet connections using it.

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Annoying “cookie accept” prompts very likely to end soon

You can’t fail to have noticed annoying prompts / pop-ups / flashing banners asking you to click to allow cookies appearing on many websites over the past few years. These were added as a consequence of an EU-wide law demanding this a few years back.

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Researchers reveal the most common passwords in 2016

Researchers at Keeper Security have analysed millions of passwords (mostly from the various data breaches of Yahoo and the like that we blogged about last year) to discover which of these are the most common (and therefore the worst).

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Jargon Busting: What is Adwords?

You have almost certainly seen Google’s Adwords in action, even if you don’t realise it. This month, we take a closer look at how this system works.

Do pretty much any search on Google, and you’re likely to find one or more Adwords links at the top of the results.

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Amazon starts testing drone delivery in the UK

There was a flurry of publicity a few months back when Amazon announced they planned to start delivering their parcels via drone. On December 7th, this plan took its first step into reality when the first drone delivery was completed to an address in Cambridge.

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Flash Edges closer to the end of the road

Microsoft have announced that Flash will be disabled by default in their Edge browser in its next major update.

Flash was ubiquitous on the internet for many years. It began to gain traction for people to add flair to their websites with animations and fancy menus (and occasionally entire websites).

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