Jargon Busting: What is Office 365?

This month, our jargon busting blog takes a look at Microsoft’s Office 365 package. What is it, and do you need it?

There’s two sides to Office 365. Firstly, it can be a replacement for a traditional Microsoft Office licence.

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Android now most popular OS on the internet

Evidence of a massive change in the technology we use was released the other day. For the first time in measured history, something other than Microsoft’s Windows operating system registered as the most popular operating system used to access the internet.

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What is the price of no progress?

As a provider of various IT services, we often get questioned as to why we’re recommending a new server or to ditch an old application critical to your business in favour of a new system that makes use of the latest technologies to improve efficiency and security.

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Jargon Busting: What is wireless mesh networking?

A new wave of wifi devices have been hitting the shelves over the past few months. They are designed to solve the problem of poor wifi reception when your main router is not up to the task of covering a large house / office.

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Windows Vista to be put to pasture this month

All support for Microsoft’s unloved “Vista” operating system will be ending this month. While support continued to be offered to organisations stuck on Windows XP users (assuming they were willing to pay for it), no such support will be made available to Vista users.

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Big Windows 10 update coming in the next few days

The next big Windows 10 update (dubbed the “Creators Update”) is due to launch on April 11th. It will be made available as an automatic compulsory update from that date.

Microsoft is still sticking to its promise that Windows 10 will be the “final”

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Exploding battery recycling factory explodes

You may remember that Samsung had to recall all of their Note 7 phones from consumers and withdraw it from sale last year when it transpired that the battery was prone to overheating. With the recall now complete, the phones were sent to a recycling factory in China.

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Jargon Busting: Abbreviations

This month’s jargon busting blog is slightly different. Rather than explaining a concept, we’re going to just list a series of abbreviations that are frequently used online along with their meanings. Of course, the nature of these things means that they evolve on an almost minute-by-minute basis,

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KMS! 99? Mean anything to you? If not, you’re not alone

According to research by BT released earlier in the month to promote Safer Internet Day, many adults are unaware of the meanings of the abbreviations and emojis that the younger generation are using online.

4,500 adults were surveyed in this poll,

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Jargon Busting: What is G.fast?

G.fast is something you may well have not even heard of yet. However, it will be an increasingly big thing in the UK over the next few years. So what is it?

In basic terms, G.fast is a method of using copper phone lines to greatly increase the speed of internet connections using it.

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