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The days of Microsoft's venerable Windows 7 operating system are literally numbered. All support will be ending for the software in about 18 months time (on January 14th 2020, to be precise). This blog explores the ramifications of this and what you should be doing about it.

This month's HowTo provides an explanation as to how to go about using Mailchimp to create a email to send out to a distribution list. Mailchimp has millions of options, so it won't be possible to cover all of these. Instead, we will just look at the most basic path to getting your message out to the people you want to send it to!

As our other blog this month shows AI going wrong, it only seems fair to also cover an example of it going right. Or at least working as intended... Google have recently lifted the lid on a new AI technology that can make phone calls in a convincing human manner. Along with a video of the demonstration in question, our article takes a quick look at the possible implications of this.

In "It was only a matter of time" news this month, it has transpired that an Amazon Echo recorded a conversation a couple were having and sent it on to a 3rd party. The couple in question were entirely unaware that this had happened. What went wrong?

Microsoft have announced that the next Windows 10 feature update will start rolling out to users from today (April 30th). This will bring several new features to Windows 10 machines. This blog just gives a quick overview with links to more detail, and also how to temporarily postpone receiving this update if necessary.

Remember when your PC was brand new and it seemed to respond instantly to every request? And now there's some days you're lucky if it even acknowledges that you've even asked it to do something? Our HowTo this months suggests some steps you can take to try and give your machine a bit of a speed boost.

BT is continuing to forge ahead with plans to switch off all landline communcation by 2025. While many younger readers may barely know what a landline is, there will still be those of us that still use a phone attached to the wall at home sometimes - even if only to ring the mobile to find out where you left it! For anyone that is still using one as a matter of course, the landline's days are numbered...

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