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Google have recently announced that the new version of Android will continue their confectionary product names and will be referred to as "Marshmallow". However, despite that fact that the vast majority of mobile devices run Android, only a tiny percentage of these will ever see this update. We take an in depth look at this issue and what can be done about it.

Windows 10 has now been available for a month. While everyone at 3aIT uses Windows to some degree, I am the only one that uses it all the time - both at work and at home.  I've been trying out Windows 10 for the best part of that month, and thought it might be useful to provide a first-hand overview of some of the changes that you will find if and when you take the plunge and install the latest version of Microsoft's OS.

The new version of Microsoft's Windows operating system is now rolling out onto PCs, mobiles and tablets round the world. As has been widely publicised in the lead up to this launch, this upgrade is being made available for free to Windows 7 & 8 users for the first year.

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